White Sox Podcast Version 1.0

We’ve done it!  We have fused the greatest podcasting mind in a generation with the greatest baseball team this world has ever seen!  Jack, Jeff and Kyle take you behind the scenes for an exclusive look about what they think about the state of White Sox pitching!  Also, they talk about how much Dunn sucked last year.  Come listen to the second greatest podcast ever created!

Episode one of Jack and Jeff’s White Sox podcast is available HERE!

Podcast 39

We’re back!  Ignore the fact that we recorded this podcast over 2 weeks ago and are now just posting it.  Jeff got a job, Kyle had surgery, and Jack doesn’t do any of the real work.  We promise we will start posting with more regularity, so hang in there!  What’s this podcast about?  I don’t know, we did it two weeks ago!  Listen, and find out for yourself!

Also, look forward to the first episode of our yet to be named White Sox podcast coming at you later this week!

Listen to Episode 39 HERE!


In this wonderful episode of Jack and Jeff in the Morning at Night the guys discuss all the interesting facets of extraterrestrial life. From whether it exists, if we will ever find it, and the size of a quidditch pitch. We also have some interesting 3rd and Shorts and discuss equal opportunity. Join us for this discussion and share your own thoughts by sending us some email.

Listen HERE!

We’re Back

We are back from break and tackling the tough issues. First up is what we did over our glorious break and how we celebrated the holidays. We then take a look at the popular musical style known as Dubstep. After halftime we forgo our 3rd and Shorts and focus on discussing the somewhat surprising results of the Iowa Caucus. Finally we read our pile of listener emails that built up over break.

Listen HERE!

Holiday Special

Yeah, we’re on holiday break right now.  But at Jack and Jeff’s family Christmas party, they decided to sit down with some family members for some hilarious interviews.  We remixed some Weezer songs, talked about abortion and even got a few words out of our 3-year-old secretary.  If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, check out this episode.  I know I would.

Listen HERE!