Welcome to “Jack and Jeff in the Morning and Night”!

It’s a brand spanking new podcast where we’ll discuss things like grilled cheese, chainsaws, chainsaw juggling, politics, technology and even more!

We are super excited about the team we have put together.  We have the two hosts and co-presidents Jack and Jeff.  Anna is our CEO.  Michelle is our CMO (Chief Media Officer).  Kyle is our CIO (Chief Information Officer).  Louie, the math wizard, is our CFO.  Tommy is our CTO (Chief Thumbs Officer).  And rounding out the team is our intern and secretary (she was recently fired, but we’ve hired her back!) Jaylah.

We’ve already recording an intro segment, which we will be posting here on the blog, and in itunes, so stay tuned for that!

Follow us on the twitter @jandjpodcast.
You can find us on Facebook as well. Just search “J and J Podcast.”
We will soon be on the google+, so stay tuned for more information.
And as always, email your comments, questions or concerns to jackandjeffpodcast@gmail.com and we may read it on the air!

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